I have watched this lonely orange struggle to stay alive. The gardener cannot figure out after feeding it with food plant and spraying for bugs why it has not grown robust and healthy as it should. Despite the struggle for life and a lonely existence without siblings, this precious orange stand to remind me that life can be lived alone if you are tenacious enough to stand the elements around you. Simply, the will to survive must be stronger than the need to let go.


I had the privilege of attending a luncheon of the 90+ years old residents of one of the prestigious Home for the Elderlies and I was impressed that most were standing tall with pride despite the obvious signs of aging. They maybe wobbly, shakey and slow but their spirits were not dampened by time and the inevitable effect of it. The oldest was 104 and no one below 90. I looked around and all I see was a room filled with history and stories, humility for their blessings and display of tenacity that has weathered the changes of life and time.

Silently, I wished for myself to have some of these virtues to sustain my own journey forward should I be blessed with longevity. Here are photos of that luncheon and some warm and inspiring personalities I met in this God given job or could it simply be my calling in this life time?