It is heartwarming to watch someone so ecstatic over a simple Sunday breakfast of Gingerbread wheat pancakes smothered with Canadian maple syrup, two strips of what she calls “died and went to heaven” crispy bacon, cheese omelette and black coffee. How simple the world will be and stress free if we can be this easily pleased, contained and appeased. I watched with enviousness at the delight of such simplicity of need and vowed to look closer and be more aware of the  smaller surprises around. 

Home again…

17 years of life in Paradise flowed back freely and unstoppable until all recollections came to rest like water flowing back to sea. Changes were inevitable and noted but history and memories remained as fresh as yesterday when bags were packed and ready to leave the rainbows, beautiful sunset and warm Aloha of a second home. 

I stepped out of the plane on November 1,2016, planted both feet on the ground, breath that distinctive salty island air and declared, I am home again! For the next twelve days, I soaked everything back that I have missed. Two days around the island and seeing everything with fresh eyes as though I have never seen it before. Awed and amazement. I proudly showed friends among other things, the mesmerizing sunset, laid back life,  Waikiki’s inviting surf and did not missed pointing out the friendly and warm Aloha spirit of the islanders that I longed and missed. These are inherent traits not put on for tourism sake. I know so because I lived it and carried in my heart wherever I have been. It was a gift from Hawaii, my Ohana (family) and friends. 

Why I blog…

Hi, I am Maria, a curious and passionate person for anything new and interesting that exist in this planet. I love to write what strikes me for the moment, let words label my emotions and color my imaginations through Blogging, my therapy from the mundane trivialities that clogged life. It is my inhaler that makes breathing easier. I am not confined to any particular   subject but mostly interested in what ticks other people’s fancy. What motivates others to do what they do. 

And so it is ChristmasšŸŽ¶

Tis’ that time of the year when changes happen, when people dig deeper to reinvent once again that childhood magic and gleefully recapture lost but not forgotten spirit called Christmas. For me it has been one of those rare times when I shared my children and their loved ones under the same roof. Distances foregone to rendezvous as a family on this special day. My rusty cooking was called to order and my son and daughter transformed in my eyes. They were once again youngsters coming home from school ravenous and appreciative of anything I prepared. Till today, Mama’s cooking will always standout from anyone’s, as I have been told countless times. How comforting and rewarding. The long hours stood peeling, chopping and mixing seemed oblivious of fatigue then and now. At times I sigh that they grew up too fast.

Out in the street a smiling vendor in a Mexican Corn Cart was selling Elote. This is the only time of the year that I have seen Food Carts late in the night. Tis’ Christmas!


Moving on…

 Two simple words with a bombshell directive. A quote I read recently ” Things change when the desire to move on exceed the desire to hold on” but how do you really begin to make that happen if you had been loving someone for so long? All justifications and reasons seem to fall short when you lay it out for your heart to understand. It has it’s own agenda. Despite the rebellion and resistance all efforts to push forward proceeds with vigor and hope that one morning the past will be just that….Past! Prayers are said fervently and again hope that this heart will tire and give up giving way to other possibilities. Two simple words that weigh like a load of bricks but the desire to shed the weight is greater than to be content to carry it. With this in mind, I lay my pen at 2 a.m., say my fervent prayer that when I awake 5 hours from now, a new feeling will emerge, my head clearer and my heart will be one with my thoughts.