A time of gratefulness.

To family and friends around the globe who are already celebrating this special day, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a happy Turkey Day. Despite the many ups and downs experienced in life, I remain grateful for the many blessings big and small that have come my way. To my family who stood by while I weather the storm, to friends who lent their untiring time and company when the chips were down and celebrated my victories big and small. Lastly, to those special ones that had loved me along the way unconditionally and overlooked my flaws, Thank you.


It seems so long ago that I have been inspired to sit down and let words come to life without prodding. Today my mind is in sync with my heart again. It has been in a transition that needed inspiration and reason to move forward. As a bit of a restless soul at times, that stagnant stage was out of character but necessary to come to its own realization. Today, I celebrate a rebirth, reinvention of old to new, awakening, all of the above and much more. I welcome new found friends and a  special one in particular. Driving around the coastline and soaking in the scenery, peaks and valleys with the blue ocean in the background was mesmerizing to say the least. It was looking with fresh eyes that had just woken up from a slumber. Watching the sunset with friends was an intense experienced as though I have never seen the glowing sun go down to rest. One of the legends says that the sun goes down to rendezvous with her lover the moon. 

Inspirations suddenly become abundant. Where have I been all these times? Despite the absence from the present, I will not be too exuberant as to throw caution to the wind. I will be true to myself as always to tread slowly and to relish the feeling of appreciating and being appreciated. To love and beloved again? Why not? and draw back strength from loved ones as I did.  Finally, to rejoice with gratitude for the smile on my face. No more tears to a life interrupted nor regrets to failed attempts to replicate it. Some things are better left to its own cycles and seasons….”He giveth and He  taketh back “.  To my blogger friends, I am back! 

Life unseen….

My miniature roses in full bloom. Each day is a testimonial that life thrives in the smallest of nature unseen by naked eyes. I am a believer that anything with life, can feel and are capable of manifestation of their emotion. Try singing and praising to your plants while you spray them their daily water mist and they seem to rejoice in delight. The outcome is a more intense color and their petals open widely. My mini roses looks so vibrant and happy. 

Simple blessings

Behold a beautiful sight outside my bedroom. Multicolored flowers in bloom, greens as a backdrop, three little birdie atop an awning and a baby Easter rabbit prancing around the garden. Birds chirping and bees humming all day in celebration of Spring but the mundane trivialities of life has taken over such simple joy and blessings. Today, I soaked the sun, the musical sound of the birds and the bees and declared I love you Spring. Please stay awhile.


It cannot be denied that Spring has spread her wings and her presence can be felt and seen. My allergy is a constant reminder and the mesmerizing colors around the house and the neighborhood is undeniable. 


I have watched this lonely orange struggle to stay alive. The gardener cannot figure out after feeding it with food plant and spraying for bugs why it has not grown robust and healthy as it should. Despite the struggle for life and a lonely existence without siblings, this precious orange stand to remind me that life can be lived alone if you are tenacious enough to stand the elements around you. Simply, the will to survive must be stronger than the need to let go.