Home again…

17 years of life in Paradise flowed back freely and unstoppable until all recollections came to rest like water flowing back to sea. Changes were inevitable and noted but history and memories remained as fresh as yesterday when bags were packed and ready to leave the rainbows, beautiful sunset and warm Aloha of a second home. 

I stepped out of the plane on November 1,2016, planted both feet on the ground, breath that distinctive salty island air and declared, I am home again! For the next twelve days, I soaked everything back that I have missed. Two days around the island and seeing everything with fresh eyes as though I have never seen it before. Awed and amazement. I proudly showed friends among other things, the mesmerizing sunset, laid back life,  Waikiki’s inviting surf and did not missed pointing out the friendly and warm Aloha spirit of the islanders that I longed and missed. These are inherent traits not put on for tourism sake. I know so because I lived it and carried in my heart wherever I have been. It was a gift from Hawaii, my Ohana (family) and friends. 

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