And so it is ChristmasšŸŽ¶

Tis’ that time of the year when changes happen, when people dig deeper to reinvent once again that childhood magic and gleefully recapture lost but not forgotten spirit called Christmas. For me it has been one of those rare times when I shared my children and their loved ones under the same roof. Distances foregone to rendezvous as a family on this special day. My rusty cooking was called to order and my son and daughter transformed in my eyes. They were once again youngsters coming home from school ravenous and appreciative of anything I prepared. Till today, Mama’s cooking will always standout from anyone’s, as I have been told countless times. How comforting and rewarding. The long hours stood peeling, chopping and mixing seemed oblivious of fatigue then and now. At times I sigh that they grew up too fast.

Out in the street a smiling vendor in a Mexican Corn Cart was selling Elote. This is the only time of the year that I have seen Food Carts late in the night. Tis’ Christmas!


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