Moving on…

 Two simple words with a bombshell directive. A quote I read recently ” Things change when the desire to move on exceed the desire to hold on” but how do you really begin to make that happen if you had been loving someone for so long? All justifications and reasons seem to fall short when you lay it out for your heart to understand. It has it’s own agenda. Despite the rebellion and resistance all efforts to push forward proceeds with vigor and hope that one morning the past will be just that….Past! Prayers are said fervently and again hope that this heart will tire and give up giving way to other possibilities. Two simple words that weigh like a load of bricks but the desire to shed the weight is greater than to be content to carry it. With this in mind, I lay my pen at 2 a.m., say my fervent prayer that when I awake 5 hours from now, a new feeling will emerge, my head clearer and my heart will be one with my thoughts.  

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