Anatomy of Daredevils/Thrill Seekers

What makes others more daring and fear free than others? We all have a daring nature in us to some degree but a thrill seeker pushes the limit that at times hinges from cradle to grave. All human seek some sort of thrill and excitement and that need is in us. The motivator is stimulation, the need to feel alive and to some they will seek it if it is not around. Other great motivators are : boredom, curiosity, experimentation and the natural competitiveness in human. Thrill seekers set their personal goals and limits. Once achieved, they set new ones until the act becomes at times extreme and human endurance is tested. Pain then becomes part of the new testing ground. This is all possible due to our complex nervous system that allows all emotions to flow. Inspiration equals exploration. It’s that simple at the end. My anatomy is based from several readings of materials analyzed by experienced sportsmen in different sports and fields. I have always been interested in sports having done some in scuba diving, water skiing (slalom) and rock climbing in my days. The thrill never left me but time and other mundane things have taken over and occupied me. So it is with awe and enthusiasm that I follow others in their quest for thrills. Here are some photos of thrill seekers with their daring acts.









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