A Street Is A Book

It just dawned on me that a street, any street is like a book. It has it’s own story and if we can only piece together what it shows, we can get a glimpse of its history and story. Crime scenes are thoroughly dissected and studied and even if there is no witness, a scenario can be pieced together for evidence. So if we’re just a little sensitive and aware as we walk through the streets, we can have an interesting day without leaving the ground we stand on.

As I walked along the streets of San Francisco, I saw a touching scene of an elderly couple walking holding hands. Their’s is an old fashion kind of love that has weathered the seasons of time. Nowadays couples struggle to hang on to each other amidst numerous distractions and temptations. So this scene was very refreshing.


Then there’s this musician on the side street of Chinatown needing to be heard and recognized for his art. Several passerby stopped and spoke what sounded as Cantonese (my memory recollection from three years of living in Hongkong). He was engrossed and so into his music. I wonder then, what or who brought him here and which province did he come from. Was he a fisherman or a farmer?

Lunch time finds workers taking a breather. Some simply sit at the many benches along the dock overlooking the ferries and the water. On a sunny day like today, it is a comfort to soak in the sun after a long cold spill. A dutiful guardian bird watched her flocks enjoying a blissful day. I stayed under the umbrella shade sipping mint tea while waiting for my ferry. On the other hand, my sun crazed children huddled together on a bench under a makeshift scarf for shed!

The Vendors and their trades are another eyebrow raising thing. Not to intentionally gross anyone, but here are a few interesting finds.
Smoked/dried/ Spicy crickets or worms anyone?



Varieties of mushrooms:

Organic donuts?

But there’s also cute things specially for dog lovers.

I can go on and on but my point is, if we’re not in such a hurry to live life, we can stop, look around, allowed to be amazed and entertained and smell our favorite coffee (mine is Peet’s) or whatever it is swirling around you in the moment.
Friends, I hope I brought a little entertainment as you pause to take a breath today.

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