So it seems like a century had passed since I blog about anything. It’s because I had a semi forced hiatus brought on by series of events, some upsetting and life changing but survival instinct veered me from what could have been a fall to a dark pit and I slowly and painstakingly emerged unscathed and stronger. I’m in conclusion that it is not just the genes or strong stock we have inherited from our parents but the inherent will to live and survive…a gift from the Almighty from the first sign of life in us. Whatever I went through is way back and I’ve started walking and not
looking back. Not that I’ve forgotten but rather remembering for it was a part of me once.

I’m happy to share some moments on my last visit to San Francisco…a mini family reunion. Two birthday celebrations, my daughter, Melissa’s 25th and my daughter in law, Masha’s 33rd. The events took place in Camp Curry, Yosemite Park, California. <!–m








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