Simple pleasures…

After the peace and quite existence I have enjoyed in five years ended, a change I had only envisioned transpired and suddenly became a reality far more than I imagined.  A chaotic daily events  seemed to speed past me and hardly gave  me a chance to breath and catch up which brought to mind how slow, passive and uneventful my five years must have been unless I count the numerous doctor’s visit I took with my patient, the highlight of which was a gelato treat or cinnamon pretzels after the visit.  I am currently half way caught up with the speed of life around me.  The brief hiatus gave me a chance to take a deep breath and smell the coffee, something I used to do in a rush and drank while driving.  I was also able to feast my eyes with simple things as I did my daily walk around the neighborhood.  I noticed the greens and flowers soaking in the sun and trying to hang on before the winter cold set in.



With this thoughts I was instantly revived and life is good again despite the loss and changes I  must face.  There was in fact a sense of excitement of what’s to come and a feeling of warmth and gratefulness for the past.  Moving on was welcomed and not dreaded.  I appreciated everything in front of me and around me and saw them with fresh eyes.  Sunset light coming through the trees in Newport Beach and creating colorful hues in the water was dramatic and inviting.


Dinner with my cousin  Cynthia Garcia (Nena) in a quite café was not just bonding but reconnecting lost times.  I did not realized till then how I missed my cousin’s antics and funny stories mostly recounting our good old days back then.  What seemed to be insignificant became obvious that they were fractions of the bigger picture that made up our family circle.  Phone calls to my Chicago family warmed my heart and cousin Lita Gebusion kept the tab updated.


Now, as I turn another leaf in my Book of Life, I embrace the new beginning and welcome new faces that will write its own story to be relived one day and retold many times over.  As each one passes like ships in the night, I will remember….it is only so long but not goodbye.

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