Meet Edna


Thanksgiving brings out thoughts of good deeds and good people in my life…too many to count in my ten fingers and ten toes combined.  This Thanksgiving, I give honor to an untiring and dedicated lady who has always been here for me especially when the bad and sad times comes.  She is not articulate or smart in today’s high tech world but she is your good old fashioned supportive person.  We are all blessed by her presence in our lives.

She has a green thumb and can revive an almost dying plant.  Her garden is blooming and the fruits, vegetables and herbs are happily supplying the kitchen.  She has an invisible wand that seemed to whip up amazingly delicious dishes at a moment’s notice.  Her talent as a wife, mother, grandma and auntie is as endless as her title.   At times I catch her doubling as a dog groomer to the little four legged residents of her household.  Other times, she is the seamstress especially on last minute alteration. I sat countless times in her kitchen watching her bake bread pudding and  sipping coffee while she merrily multitask shuttling from the stove to the oven in between whipping up another dessert in time for the family dinner and all the time chatting with me.  I am awed by the ease of her performance.  If I will attempt to do this, I am sure there will be missing  ingredients and the kitchen will be a big mess not to mention dinner will not be on time.  It is always a delight to spend time with this sweet and unassuming lady I fondly call Mama Edna, my auntie.  I am sharing my blessings and adulation long overdue.  Here is Edna Labayen Garcia.







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