I just realized that all this time I have been surrounded by inspirations and great motivators.  I have overlooked that within my family circle,  we have members who has excelled and had risen above their challenges.  So I take this opportunity to salute them and share a glimpse of their triumph.  There’s Rick, for his Endurance.  He is a picture of strength and conviction.  His discipline enabled him to run 50-100 miles ultra marathons.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to run that long and at night with all the four legged movers around.  Next comes Ronna  aka Girlie for her Determination.  As a kid, Girlie had always been on the heavy side.  Her mom loves to cook and can do magic in the kitchen.   Throughout the years, Girlie  struggled with her weight and had tried all sorts of diet.  It is only through sheer determination that she was able to shed those extra pounds.  She altered her lifestyle and stuck to her goal.  Today everyone including myself is in awe at her transformation.  She has slowly and painfully reinvented herself.  We will never know the struggle, frustration and pain she silently endured.  Girlie continues on the road she set for herself and is winning the ” battle of the bulge “.   Another inspiration are Cynthia and Lita.  Both are single mothers who raised their sons to be God fearing and good citizens.  I have watched this two on separate occasions single handedly multi task and adopted a dual role of mother and father.  They balanced work and motherhood and struggled to maintain financial stability.   I have listened more than once over a cup of coffee the woes of being a single mom.   Lita has a lawyer son today.  The pride of a mother can not be painted in a canvas.  Cynthia’s son is on his way to becoming a Pharmacist.  Sweet success is inevitable.  Last but not the least, our Eddy.  He was our family dog and I used to call him Eddy Teddy.  He was afflicted by a disease that caused blindness.  Poor Eddy struggled daily but he was still feisty and full of life.  He was guided by his sense of smell and whenever someone is approaching or around him, he wagged his tail and let out a hearty bark.  He never moped in a corner and despite bumping here there and everywhere, Eddy still moved around….never stopped trying to maintain whatever was left of his life.  It was more than just hanging on or accepting his fate.  It was a display of positive attitude till the end.  I saw courage.



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