Can’t Get Enough

This is a tough one as I have several indulgences that I consider addicting like the aroma of a freshly pressed coffee, wine, cheese and the list can go on.  So I thought long and hard and through the process of elimination came up with a winner!  I’m addicted to the daily Filipino Channel that gives me updates of news in  the Philippines, the “teleserye”  ( drama/comedy) weekly series and the TV Patrol which covers all major and breaking news.  A perfect day has to end with feet up, remote control on hand, sometimes a glass of wine and anxiously awaiting the news.  This is my only link to what I left behind and I know that others like me share the same sentiment.  It’s ironic that when I was younger, I could hardly wait to get out and see the world and even live in some places along the way.  The exuberance of youth to explore was stronger than the beckoning of home.  As time rolls in, I mellowed with it and became more sentimental of home.  The Filipino Channel, bridged the gap and enabled me to enjoy and reminisce places, food and people.  It is the closest to home from afar for now until my next visit.



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