Hooray to the women wake boarder….

Wake boarding is a relatively new sport and is described as a cross between waterskiing and surfing.  In 1985, when surfing is already a well established sport, a revision emerged in which the surfers rode their boards while being towed by a boat.  It was dubbed ” Skurfer “.  Due to its size, it offered more flexibility and maneuverability on waves.  It was further developed by Herb O’Brian when he came up with a “hyperlite” board which allowed for deep water start for riders and has been referred to as wake boards.  I have personally witnessed many times as a member of Honolulu, Hawaii’s, Na Alii Water Ski Club that our wake boarders would do a dock start and deep water start as well.  The board is light and can crisscross the waves and depending on the momentum of the rider, he can fly across (airborne).   I found that it was easier to balance because the board was wider than my slalom ski although it moves easily with just a little shift of the body.

Today, this sport has become so popular all over the world and women have excelled in it too.  Tara Hamilton, a native from Orlando, Florida,  was the first Wake Boarder Champion in the X Games and still continue to compete professionally.  She is ranked as the #2  woman wake boarder in the world!  With this, she has revolutionized the sport for women and more names came up in the world of wake boarding.

wake boarder2wake boarder5wake boarder1wake boarder3

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