Daredevil Hang Gliders of Hawaii…

There’s a lot more to Hawaii than surfing the waves of North Shore, parasailing the blue sky of Waikiki and doing other water sports.   On my last visit to Honolulu, Hawaii (2010), home for 17 years, we drove around the island like tourist….something we should have done more often when we lived there.  This time, I was more aware of just about everything.  One of those is noticing and enjoying watching the bird like silhouette of the hang gliders in Makapu’u beach and Hanauma bay.  Further looking into this sport, I found out that it began in many places at a similar time around 1976.  Pioneer gliders started jumping off hills in Hawaii, US Mainland like California, Europe, Australia and other places in the world.  They jumped off cliffs, sand dunes and off the highest mountain peaks.  Unfortunately, it cannot be pinpointed who flew a hang glider for the first time.  Today, several hang glider companies and sights exist in Honolulu and the nearby islands.

Along with the other photos are two which I took from Makapu’u.  The glider seemed just like a dot against the blue sky.


glider1glider2glider3 DSCN0949DSCN0946


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