The Evolution of Cosmetics

In any society today, there is a common desire to improve the perception of others.  This has created experiments of ways to constantly find and enhance tools by way of products to address this need.  Cosmetics (colloquial or slang) for makeup has existed in Ancient time as far back as 4000 years ago.  Cleopatra and even the Pharaohs popularized their use.  The eye was a great focus of attention in this culture.  Copper and lead Ore were used to create cosmetics.  Some involved preparation using animal waste such as fly dung.  Oils, beeswax, other fatty matter, plants and grounded gems like lapis lazuli were mixed and infused to create the basic foundation.  Kohl, a dark powder was used as eye liner and believed to restore eyesight and cure eye infection.  For the lips, cheeks and nails they used a clay called red ochre which was grounded and mixed with water.  For hair dye and nails (orange/yellow color) they used Henna.  Jewelry was added to further enhance their look with accent on the neck and ears.  Today, we see this type of accessories coming back.   An old burial ground revealed that some of the jewelry were crafted from meteorite as old as 5000 years old.


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