The world of Face Painting….

When we think of face painting today, we usually think of colorful and playful images drawn on children’s faces at parties, fairs, festivals or circus.  However, that was not always the case thousands of years ago.  At  that time, it was used for a variety of  purpose and hailed from different cultures.  It was used as a camouflage, sports, religious rituals, entertainment and as a statement about society.  It is that segment of history that most of us are not so aware of.  Nowadays,  it is not an unusual sight to see face painting at a children’s party and the grown up had jumped into the wagon too.  Some grown up parties would liven and spies up the ambience by hiring a professional face painter.  This has created a new profession and demand.  During Halloween, a combination of mask and face painting are popular.

face painting1face1face paintingfaceface painting2

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