Duct tape Surfing of a Paraplegic mom….

Once in a while something or someone shows the world that the desire to “go for it” is beyond expected limitations and fear.  Here is the amazing and courageous story of Pascale Honore, 50 years old mother of two in Australia who defied that boundary set for people like her, a paraplegic.  When I come across individuals like Pascale, I am humbled by my own desires and what I have done about it.  Fear for whatever reasons will always be inherent in us but maybe it is time to put it in the corner of our eyes and say, ” I know you’re there but stay where you are, fear”.  I hope this will inspire those who shares and read my blog.

Pascale Honore slipped into an ordinary backpack with leg holes cut into the bottom then was lifted on the back of skilled surfer, Tyron Swan and duct taped.  It only took one roll of duct tape and a whole lot of courage! Here she is….


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